Time to move silicone nipple covers off the dance floor . . .

. . . and into your every day.  Join the next step in bra evolution with Bra in a Box.  


Introducing Bra in a Box

What is Bra in a Box?

Bra in a Box is an innovative bra alternative that consists of two components:

1) Our one-of-a-kind, patent-pending Box and

2) A pair of silicone Nipcos. 

Why use Bra in a Box?

 Bra in a Box’s Nipcos provide the coverage you want with the comfort and freedom of going braless! Our patent-pending box is the only custom box designed to store and transport Nipcos.  

What are Nipcos?

Nipcos are our brand of silicone nipple covers. It’s time to bring this commonsense solution out of the Prom Night shadows and into the mainstream with Bra in a Box.   

What types of outfits are best suited for Bra in a Box?

Bra in a Box Nipcos can be worn with any and all outfits, as long as you feel comfortable and confident. Remember, Nipcos are not your old school silicone nipple covers used for Prom Night or your Wedding Day. They're for every single day. The new go-to in womens clothing.