About Our Philosophy



The Bra in a Box brand is all about bringing simplicity back to the complicated world we navigate as women.  And boy are we complex! A complex woman in a complex world needs as much simplicity as possible. There's a certain logic to simplicity that is beautiful. 



We're committed to celebrating authenticity.  Regardless of your fashion style, your theories on Botox, augmentation, or diet, you be you! We each get to choose. Authenticity is not about letting it all hang out no matter how that makes us feel.  It's about saying, "This is who I am, and I'm okay with that. In fact, I love it!" 



We value quality! Our CEO, Penelope Przekop, has a longstanding career as a quality systems engineer and our COO, Phoebe Horak, is a nurse pursuing a Master's Degree in Quality Assurance. Bra in a Box is all about providing common sense solutions that meet our high quality standards ... and yours.  

We're Logical ...

In general, women don't wear bras because we love them. We asked, "So why DO we wear them? Who decided we needed to and what's the purpose? Who are we ultimately pleasing by wearing a bra?"

Open Minded ...

Sometimes the answer is right before your eyes, but a mindset and preconceived notions cloud the view. Bra in a Box is about bringing simplicity and logic in sight.

Problem Solvers.

The Bra in a Box team has developed a simple, cost-effective, logical solution by solving the primary issue that has bound us to straps, hooks, elastic and scratchy lace and contributed to the idea that we alone are not quite enough. Bra in a Box is about simplicity and logic. It's time to finally say goodbye to the bra.

Meet the Bra in a Box Team

Penelope Przekop

Penelope is our Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director. 

Penelope leads Bra in a Box marketing and business partner development. She holds a BS degree in Biology from Louisiana State University and an MS in Quality Systems Engineering from Kennesaw State University. Penelope is a quality systems consultant in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry who works with clients to develop and execute risk-based strategies. 

She's also an accomplished writer and artist. She has penned four novels and a business book published by McGraw-Hill. Her expressive art, focused on the emotional complexity of women, has been shown and represented by galleries throughout the US as well as internationally. Penelope lives in the Greater Philadelphia area with her husband of 27 years. 

The idea for Bra in a Box was born when Penelope’s younger daughter, a Stanford University student, casually introduced her to what we here at Bra in a Box refer to as Nipcos™.


Phoebe Horak

Phoebe is our Chief Operations Officer and Managing Partner. 

Phoebe works closely with our vendors and manufacturers to ensure the best possible quality and service for our customers. She is highly involved in establishing our product design details and will also manage Bra in a Box distribution and customer service. Phoebe holds a BS in Nursing from Penn State University. She works at Temple University Hospital where she is also pursuing a graduate degree in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. Prior to entering the nursing field, 

Phoebe spent several years managing vendor and sub-contractor bidding and communications for Tracorp, Inc. a major Philadelphia area industrial contracting company. Well-rounded with a strong creative side, Phoebe has completed university studies in mathematics and interior design. 

She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and son. Upon hearing Penelope’s product idea Phoebe immediately said four words, “Bra in a Box.”