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 Bra in a Box offers a simple, cost-effective, logical solution for women everywhere.  It solves the primary issue that has bound us to straps, hooks, elastic, scratchy lace, and the idea that we alone are not enough.   

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 "I wish I could keep my bra on forever," said no woman ever. Join the bra evolution with Bra in a Box and finally set yourself free. Einstein told us that the definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple. This also applies to your bra. 

You Are Enough


We all remember the day we put on our first bra. The feeling that life was changing, that we were changing, and that the sky was the limit. Then we discovered that a bra can't liberate, prove anything, or transform a girl into a woman. And all we want now is to take it off. So, imagine how you'll feel the day you take off your last bra. It happened for us and it can happen for you. 

Free at Last


In the 70's, a generation of women began to change the world. They pursued higher education, entered the workforce, fought to become leaders in nearly every field. They burned bras to symbolize all that was achieved, so why are we still wearing them? We know who we are, what we can achieve, and the value we bring. We are out there every day, usually in a bra we want to take off and toss across the room as soon as possible. Our team asked why and found a solution. More information on the way. Join our mailing list below. 

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What is Bra in a Box?

Bra in a Box is an innovative bra alternative that consists of two components:

1) Our one-of-a-kind, patent-pending Box,

2) A pair of silicone Nipcos, and

3) A little surprise. 

Nipcos are our brand of silicone nipple covers. It’s time to bring this commonsense solution out of the Prom Night shadows and into the mainstream with Bra in a Box.  


Why use Bra in a Box?

Bra in a Box’s Nipcos provide the coverage you want with the comfort and freedom of going braless! Our patent-pending box is the only custom box designed to store and transport Nipcos.  


What types of outfits are best suited for Bra in a Box?

Any and all outfits, as long as you feel comfortable and confident. Remember, Nipcos are not just for Prom Night or your Wedding Day. They are for every single day!  

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